Welcome to the world of Frank David

The world of Frank David is one filled with magic, mystery, and love. He is currently working on his first book ‘Making of an Empress’. This will be part of his “Hulsteria” series, which will follow Stelaphina, the newly crowned empress. The book is currently in the final edit stages and should be available shortly, in both ebook and paperback formats. Book two in the series ‘Making of a Warrior’ is underway and should be completed in early summer 2017. Books three and four are sitting patiently in the mind of the author waiting to be written. The series may include two additional books which will focus on two of the more important historical characters of Hulsteria.

Posts will be made on a regular basis and will include posts about the book(s), upcoming project, contests and really any other topic that crosses Frank’s mind. If you have any questions or a post you would like to see, please email Frank. His email can be found on the contact page.

Those interested in preordering the kindle version can follow the link below. Currently the release date is set as April 27, 2017 but that day will be updated once the book is completed and the paperback version has been released.

Making of an Empress

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