Families of Hulsteria (Stelaphina)

I asked several people to read ‘Making of an Empress’ once it was completed. First to help me proofread and edit, secondly to help me determine if there were any issues that were confusing.

The family connections seemed to be somewhat difficult to comprehend. Most of the Imperials and Royals are related through blood or marriage, which can lead to difficulty keeping the relations straight. I am going to do my best in this post to give a breakdown of those connections.

Our main character is Stelaphina Onlinger Brandt. I will begin with giving some of her details, of course most of the below details would pertain to her siblings as well. Though Roderick would have a different mother.

Stelaphina is the daughter of George Onlinger and Madeline Dorman*

George is son of Frederick Onlinger and Frances Phillips*

Frederick is the son of William Onlinger and Mary Mumby*

William is the son of Cedric Onlinger and Elizabeth Lester*

Cedric is the son of Dormac Onlinger and Sarah Barnes

Dormac is the son of Oliver Onlinger and Kataya Brandt*

Oliver is the son of Carlisle Onlinger and Guinevere Lyon*

Carlisle is the son of Bradley Onlinger and Maria Andrews

Bradley is the son of Marcus Onlinger and Abigail Dorman

Abigail is the daughter of Edward Dorman and Kathleen Bamford*

Edward is the son of Declan Dorman and Beverly D’Vay*

Declan Dorman was the first Emperor of Hulsteria.

*denotes connections to other Imperials and Royals.

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