Declan I of Hulsteria

Declan Dorman was born in the year 36 to Cormac and Mary Crewe Dorman, in the city that is now known as Xodon, in the kingdom of Uhl. In the year 52, Declan married Beverly D’Vay, the daughter of Joseph and Stephanie Hanover D’Vay. The two had five children together.

Declan was raised in a time that saw little order and even fewer laws. Villages throughout Hulsteria were pillaged by wandering bands of nomadic barbarians, whose only purpose was to destroy the lives people were trying to build for themselves. Having grown tired of living in fear of attack, Declan gathered the men of Xodon and neighboring settlements to begin opposing the hordes.

The battles were long and riddled with blood, many a good men lost their life to secure the safety of Uhl. The word of the band of fighters in Uhl spread quickly among the land. More joined the cause to push the barbarians from the shores of what is now the mainland of Hulsteria. In the year 69, after ten years of battle, the people had successfully forced the barbarians out of their lands.

The people decided that Declan was the man to unite the lands and made him the first emperor of the newly formed Realm of Hulsteria. He ruled the lands until his death in the year 77, when his oldest, Edward ascended the Imperial Throne.

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