Edward I of Hulsteria

Edward I of Hulsteria was the second Emperor to rule the realm and son of Declan I. Born in the year 53, he married Kathleen Bamford in the year 69. The two had three children, Abigail, Archibald, and Keiren. Keiren would become the ancestor of the King of Uhl, while Abigail would become the first Empress. What became of Archibald remains a mystery. He was the heir to the throne, though he never ascended.

Edward was a sadistic ruler, taking great pleasure in inflicting pain on those who questioned his rule or opposed his authority. Many felt the realm had become what they fought to be free of, tyranny. As people became more dissatisfied with Edward’s rule, an uprising began to form, even the royals joined in the resistance. The rebels began their assault on the Imperial Capital on the island kingdom of Jascaessau (Jazz-Say-Sow) in the year 86, the battle to dethrone Edward only lasted a year.

When he heard the armies were headed toward the palace, Edward ordered his men to surround the outer walls and stop the rebels from entering the castle. Alone within the walls with only his family and a handful of soldiers, it was Abigail, frustrated and angered by her father’s injustice, who with the help of the few soldiers, captured Edward and imprisoned him.

The people wanted Edward to die for all that he had done against the citizens of Hulsteria but Abigail believed it important, that if he repented for his atrocities against the realm, he should be permitted to determine his own sentencing. She gave him the choice of death or life in the dungeon. Edward being the man he was, requested life in prison hopeful that someone would help him escape and reclaim the throne. Against the wishes of the people, Edward was placed within the dungeons of Rothmar Palace to live out his days. Within six months of his imprisonment, in the year 87, Edward was found dead in his cell, no one was ever quite sure if he took his own life or if the rebels had taken his punishment into his own hands.

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