Families of Hulsteria (Charity and Rupert)

Charity and Rupert are the next characters I will examine. They were cousins. Charity’s father and Rupert’s mother were brother and sister.

Charity was the daughter of Jason Dorman and Diana Dorman. Rupert was the son of Roger Turlington and Stasha Dorman.

Their grandfather was Landis Dorman

Landis was the son of Frederick Dorman

Frederick was the son of Carmichael Dorman

Carmichael was the son of Douglas Dorman

Douglas was the son of Kyle Dorman

Kyle Dorman was the son of Alexander Dorman

Alexander was the son of Carter Dorman

Carter was the son of Edward Dorman and brother to Cormac Dorman, Declan Dorman’s father and ancestor to Stelaphina Onlinger.

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