Story of ‘Making of an Empress’

The world of Hulsteria, recently lost their emperor, Frederick I. His granddaughter, Stelaphina, prepares to take the throne, nervous but hopeful that her reign will be successful. She had prepared for the throne her entire life. When her father, George, died five years ago, she realized she wouldn’t have as much time to prepare as she had planned. Now at 22, she must overcome her fears and serve her people as they deserve.

Stela, as she was nicknamed by her grandfather, has three siblings, two younger sisters, more about them later. She also has an older brother, who many believe should have been Frederick’s successor, however, Roderick was a bastard, son of the Imperial Prince Royal, George, and a cousin of his wife. Hulsteria law forbids an illegitimate heir from ascending the throne.

Making of an Empress focuses heavily on Stela, from the death of her beloved grandfather and coronation to the Imperial throne. The husband she loves but knows is not faithful and her half-brother who swore his allegiance but his oath may be tested.

Several distant family members also provide some roadblocks and assistance along the way. Her cousins, the conservative Imperial Archduchess of Welshpool and the flamboyant Imperial Archduke of Carlisle, bring cause to Stela’s reign. Her conservative and intolerant uncle the Imperial Archduke of Stratton does not agree with some of the policies and privileges that the empress seeks to institute.

Over the next few months, leading up to the book release, I will provide an in depth look at the characters who live within the world of Saaveth.

I look forward to helping to give you all an insight into my world.

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