Update on books

I have received all the covers for the first four books of the series. I need to get on writing the remaining three books.

I had listed ‘Making of a Warrior’ for presale but have decided to remove it at this time. I believe this book will take me longer to write than the first. I will be following on the recommended steps to release so my timeline will be adjusted a bit. While the release will be delayed I believe the delay will result in a better book being released.

Once ‘Making of a Warrior’ is done, I will begin the next book in the series ‘Making of a Magister’. This book I believe will also be a challenge and will be filled with all sorts of magic, so those who love true fantasy should enjoy this book.

Book four will be ‘Making of a God’. The book will go back to when the first man stepped foot on Saaveth. It will explain creation and the start of the great families of Saaveth, the founders of the four realms.

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