Self-publishing Frauds

My book didn’t take me long to write, the edits are what took long. I wrote the book over the course of about 3 weekends, averaging about 30,000 words at a time. The review and editing process took about another month to complete but the finished product, I believe is pretty polished. Don’t get me wrong, I am not claiming to be a great writer or even a good writer but I do consider myself a writer. I know my book isn’t perfect and I will have my share of harsh critics. I am okay with that because I believe in my book and what I have put forth to the reading community.
When I decided to self-publish I worried about the stigma associated with the term “self-published”. It seems there are those “writers” out there who throw a bunch of words together and call it a book then self-publish via Amazon. These “writers” don’t go through the necessary steps to ensure the quality of their work. I am convinced they are simply trying to make a quick buck and this infuriates me. I am proud of what I created. I made sure it was reviewed and any issues corrected before I released the book. These “writers” simply don’t put in the time and effort; they believe their story will allow readers to forgive their poor grammar, spelling errors, confusing storylines, and any other issue a reader might find within their pages.
Now I am not in the habit of degrading other writers, I believe those who self-publish should support one another. I cannot; however, support a “writer” whose work is so abysmal that I felt shame for him/her while reading their “masterpiece”. I came across such a “writer” recently. She couldn’t understand why no one was buying her book. I agreed to take a look at it and provide some feedback. Now those who know me, know I do not mix words; I am blunt and to the point. I found her book on Amazon. The cover was nice, the blurb was okay. I opened the “Look Inside” feature and began reading. The second sentence had improper verb tense, okay I can overlook that. It does take you out of the story but it just began so no big deal. I continued to read and just don’t understand what this “writer” was thinking. She mixes verb tense in the same paragraph; even worse within the same sentence. The sentence structure was horrible, I couldn’t believe this woman believed her book was ready to be released. I got through about 3 pages when I just couldn’t take it any longer. I mean I will give stories a chance even with all the issues so evident.
She admitted she self-edited the book (mistake number one). She said she wasn’t proud of the book and she hadn’t told anyone she wrote it. I was amazed. When I finished my book and shouted from the rooftops. I had completed a manuscript that I was proud of, how could she not do the same. I knew why she couldn’t do the same, she knew her book was horrible (and I don’t use that term loosely). She knew the book was not suitable for reading but released it anyway (mistake number two). She is the reason self-publishing has a bad reputation.
I pointed out the issues and also noted the book read as if it were written by a child (harsh maybe but that is me). It sounded childish due to the words she used as well as the poor use of verbs (and incorrectly). Example she gave the name of the main character, the verb name should have been named but no it was name. Really, didn’t we all learn in like first grade how to conjugate verbs? A “d” makes a huge difference. Her sentences were structured as if my nine year old niece had written them; though actually I think Autumn would have done a better job. The book was an insult to anyone over the age of 6, but this was a Young Adult fantasy. She took this all very personally, as I figured she would. Of course, I was a bully and not qualified to review or critique her book. I advised her that anyone that reads her book is qualified to critique it and they will, harshly. She had the kindle listed for 5.99, what (I figured the book to be about 100 pages in length)? My book then should be listed for twice that because I put the time in to editing the book.
I wish Amazon had a better policy for policing books listed for sale. I mean there are few books that are released completely issue free, it happens, but this book was so overrun with errors it was distracting. Books like this hinder the success of books of a higher quality because the general public associate “self-published” with lower quality and it is simply not true.
Anyway, rant over. Thanks for listening!

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