Reviews are what make or break a book. Writers can take reviews very personally, after all most have put a lot of themselves in the books they write. I have been fortunate my reviews have been positive up to this point but I know there will come a time when the reviews will not always be positive.

I started thinking about how I would handle negative reviews. After shedding a few tears, lol, if I was smart I would determine if the review provided some tips to improve future novels. If so, I would be stupid to not do my best to address those issues. If the review was just a chance for someone to bash my work for no justifiable reason, I would forget it and move on.

Realize that critical reviews help writers improve. If all a writer ever receives is positive feedback, the writer is lead to believe he is doing well. I want to grow as a writer and constructive criticism will help me achieve that goal. Just remember when offering less than positive feedback, someone has put themselves into the words you are reading. Try to make the feedback, constructive and not destructive.

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