Killing a character, the aftermath

Books have death, characters die. It is a fact of the literary world. I have received a lot of feedback, mostly upset, about a character that I killed in the first book. Deciding to kill a character isn’t usually an easy decision, especially a character like the one I offed in “Making of an Empress”. However, the character was written with the intention of dying. I did not realize, though, how well loved this character would become. I thought, this is an okay character but I wasn’t prepared for the backlash at his/her death. Most of those who have read the book have reached out to me and the first thing they say is “I can’t believe you killed…”

I think, at least for me, I saw this character as likable but not lovable, I underestimated this character’s influence. I knew when this character was developed death was in the cards. I really liked the character myself but this character had served the purpose for which he/she was written; their story had come to an end, though some would disagree.

I have been asked to write a book, or novella, giving this character’s backstory, more insight to the character so many love. It is a possibility once I finish book two that I might focus on this character’s story. I think it is a good story. Believe me, when I say, I am attached to every character I develop and deciding to kill one is difficult for me and not a decision that is taken lightly. Just to forewarn you there are other deaths in the other books.

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