About Page

Frank David was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. When he was five his parents moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia to start their own business. Within about five years of that move, the business had gone downhill and his parents were divorced. His mother moved back to Reading, taking Frank with her. He spent the next several decades living in Reading.

Center Avenue in Reading would become the setting for the medieval characters he fantasized about living in the mansions that lined the avenue. He imagined kings, queens, dukes, and lords living in the homes. He fell in love with the medieval period and the characters he created became part of him and his imagination. As he grew older those characters seemed to disappear from his memories, replaced by the responsibilities of adulthood.

Frank tried his hand at writing in his early 20’s but was never able to complete a book. He had ideas in his head for many different stories, but they were characters with which he wasn’t familiar. Always the dreamer, he didn’t really find his career until his late 30’s. He attended college receiving a bachelor’s degree in computer programming; followed by obtaining an MBA and MIS. The degrees gave him opportunities in his career he didn’t think he would ever obtain.

He currently lives in Akron, Ohio, where he is a Business Analyst. While he enjoys his day job, the characters who remained quiet for so many years started to push their way through the closet of his mind. He allowed his imagination to once again be free as the characters told their stories. Frank needed an outlet for the stories racing through his head. He created a role playing site, hoping this would appease the characters. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find a community with whom he could share his stories. A friend suggested he write a book to allow the stories to be set free, and so he did.