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Families of Hulsteria (Charity and Rupert)

Charity and Rupert are the next characters I will examine. They were cousins. Charity’s father and Rupert’s mother were brother and sister.

Charity was the daughter of Jason Dorman and Diana Dorman. Rupert was the son of Roger Turlington and Stasha Dorman.

Their grandfather was Landis Dorman

Landis was the son of Frederick Dorman

Frederick was the son of Carmichael Dorman

Carmichael was the son of Douglas Dorman

Douglas was the son of Kyle Dorman

Kyle Dorman was the son of Alexander Dorman

Alexander was the son of Carter Dorman

Carter was the son of Edward Dorman and brother to Cormac Dorman, Declan Dorman’s father and ancestor to Stelaphina Onlinger.

Edward I of Hulsteria

Edward I of Hulsteria was the second Emperor to rule the realm and son of Declan I. Born in the year 53, he married Kathleen Bamford in the year 69. The two had three children, Abigail, Archibald, and Keiren. Keiren would become the ancestor of the King of Uhl, while Abigail would become the first Empress. What became of Archibald remains a mystery. He was the heir to the throne, though he never ascended.

Edward was a sadistic ruler, taking great pleasure in inflicting pain on those who questioned his rule or opposed his authority. Many felt the realm had become what they fought to be free of, tyranny. As people became more dissatisfied with Edward’s rule, an uprising began to form, even the royals joined in the resistance. The rebels began their assault on the Imperial Capital on the island kingdom of Jascaessau (Jazz-Say-Sow) in the year 86, the battle to dethrone Edward only lasted a year.

When he heard the armies were headed toward the palace, Edward ordered his men to surround the outer walls and stop the rebels from entering the castle. Alone within the walls with only his family and a handful of soldiers, it was Abigail, frustrated and angered by her father’s injustice, who with the help of the few soldiers, captured Edward and imprisoned him.

The people wanted Edward to die for all that he had done against the citizens of Hulsteria but Abigail believed it important, that if he repented for his atrocities against the realm, he should be permitted to determine his own sentencing. She gave him the choice of death or life in the dungeon. Edward being the man he was, requested life in prison hopeful that someone would help him escape and reclaim the throne. Against the wishes of the people, Edward was placed within the dungeons of Rothmar Palace to live out his days. Within six months of his imprisonment, in the year 87, Edward was found dead in his cell, no one was ever quite sure if he took his own life or if the rebels had taken his punishment into his own hands.

Declan I of Hulsteria

Declan Dorman was born in the year 36 to Cormac and Mary Crewe Dorman, in the city that is now known as Xodon, in the kingdom of Uhl. In the year 52, Declan married Beverly D’Vay, the daughter of Joseph and Stephanie Hanover D’Vay. The two had five children together.

Declan was raised in a time that saw little order and even fewer laws. Villages throughout Hulsteria were pillaged by wandering bands of nomadic barbarians, whose only purpose was to destroy the lives people were trying to build for themselves. Having grown tired of living in fear of attack, Declan gathered the men of Xodon and neighboring settlements to begin opposing the hordes.

The battles were long and riddled with blood, many a good men lost their life to secure the safety of Uhl. The word of the band of fighters in Uhl spread quickly among the land. More joined the cause to push the barbarians from the shores of what is now the mainland of Hulsteria. In the year 69, after ten years of battle, the people had successfully forced the barbarians out of their lands.

The people decided that Declan was the man to unite the lands and made him the first emperor of the newly formed Realm of Hulsteria. He ruled the lands until his death in the year 77, when his oldest, Edward ascended the Imperial Throne.

Story of ‘Making of an Empress’

The world of Hulsteria, recently lost their emperor, Frederick I. His granddaughter, Stelaphina, prepares to take the throne, nervous but hopeful that her reign will be successful. She had prepared for the throne her entire life. When her father, George, died five years ago, she realized she wouldn’t have as much time to prepare as she had planned. Now at 22, she must overcome her fears and serve her people as they deserve.

Stela, as she was nicknamed by her grandfather, has three siblings, two younger sisters, more about them later. She also has an older brother, who many believe should have been Frederick’s successor, however, Roderick was a bastard, son of the Imperial Prince Royal, George, and a cousin of his wife. Hulsteria law forbids an illegitimate heir from ascending the throne.

Making of an Empress focuses heavily on Stela, from the death of her beloved grandfather and coronation to the Imperial throne. The husband she loves but knows is not faithful and her half-brother who swore his allegiance but his oath may be tested.

Several distant family members also provide some roadblocks and assistance along the way. Her cousins, the conservative Imperial Archduchess of Welshpool and the flamboyant Imperial Archduke of Carlisle, bring cause to Stela’s reign. Her conservative and intolerant uncle the Imperial Archduke of Stratton does not agree with some of the policies and privileges that the empress seeks to institute.

Over the next few months, leading up to the book release, I will provide an in depth look at the characters who live within the world of Saaveth.

I look forward to helping to give you all an insight into my world.

Families of Hulsteria (Stelaphina)

I asked several people to read ‘Making of an Empress’ once it was completed. First to help me proofread and edit, secondly to help me determine if there were any issues that were confusing.

The family connections seemed to be somewhat difficult to comprehend. Most of the Imperials and Royals are related through blood or marriage, which can lead to difficulty keeping the relations straight. I am going to do my best in this post to give a breakdown of those connections.

Our main character is Stelaphina Onlinger Brandt. I will begin with giving some of her details, of course most of the below details would pertain to her siblings as well. Though Roderick would have a different mother.

Stelaphina is the daughter of George Onlinger and Madeline Dorman*

George is son of Frederick Onlinger and Frances Phillips*

Frederick is the son of William Onlinger and Mary Mumby*

William is the son of Cedric Onlinger and Elizabeth Lester*

Cedric is the son of Dormac Onlinger and Sarah Barnes

Dormac is the son of Oliver Onlinger and Kataya Brandt*

Oliver is the son of Carlisle Onlinger and Guinevere Lyon*

Carlisle is the son of Bradley Onlinger and Maria Andrews

Bradley is the son of Marcus Onlinger and Abigail Dorman

Abigail is the daughter of Edward Dorman and Kathleen Bamford*

Edward is the son of Declan Dorman and Beverly D’Vay*

Declan Dorman was the first Emperor of Hulsteria.

*denotes connections to other Imperials and Royals.