Welcome to the world of Frank David.

Frank is a self-published writer. His first novel ‘Making of an Empress’ will be released shortly. This is the first in a series of books focusing on the fictitious world of Saaveth. The series will revolve around the new Empress of the realm of Hulsteria.

Frank had many of these characters living with him for years. They had stories to tell and wanted to be released to the world. He tried to satisfy their need by creating a role playing site but wasn’t able to find people with whom he could interact. A friend requested after reading several of the posts he made on the site that he should compile the stories into a book. Several months later, he sat down and ‘Making of an Empress’ was born.

It took Frank about 3 weeks to write the story of Stelaphina and the other members of Hulsterian society. Currently, Frank is making final edits and is anxiously awaiting the release of his first novel. The kindle version is currently available for preorder with a set release date of April 27, 2017, which will more than likely be updated once the paperback version is complete.