Stelaphina Onlinger Brandt

Stelaphina is the daughter of Imperial Prince Royal George Onlinger and Her Imperial Highness Madeline Dorman Onlinger. Her father is the son of Frederick, Emperor of Hulsteria. Madeline is the daughter of the former Imperial Grand Duke of Stratton and sister to the current. She is the oldest of the couple’s three children. She has an older brother, Roderick, her father’s bastard, whose mother was a distant cousin of Madeline. Her brother’s birth created quite a scandal.

Stelaphina was promised to Edmund Brandt, Imperial Prince Royal of Xasha when she was in her early teens. The engagement was announced after her father caught Stelaphina and her brother Roderick embraced in a kiss. At the time neither was aware they were siblings. It was this kiss that forced George to claim Roderick as his son.

Stelaphina was happy with the man chosen to be her husband when she realized her and Roderick could never be. Initially, their marriage was a happy one. The couple had three children РJoseph, Edwina, and Alexander. The marriage quickly became stale when George passed away and Stelaphina began spending more time with her grandfather to learn the duties she would eventually assume. Stelaphina tried to make time for Edmund but her duties took precedence over her marriage, leaving Edmund to feel neglected. Stelaphina never believed her husband was faithful, she had heard the whispers, though Edmund swore she was the only one to hold his heart.

Her sisters, Orthia and Sofia, are well loved by Stelaphina though Sofia tests that love regularly. Orthia is kind which causes Stelaphina to see her as needing to be protecting believing she is too naive. Sofia, the self-centered brat, tests Stelaphina’s patience.

She did not feel she was ready for the challenges that laid ahead. However, most who took the throne were not prepared for what they were to face. Her grandfather had faith in her, more than she would ever have in herself. He believed she would be a great ruler.

The struggles that face Stelaphina in ‘Making of an Empress’ would shake her to the core. She detests the hatred and prejudices the “deviants” are subjected to not only in Hulsteria but across Saaveth. Her first task as Empress is to remove the criminal prosecution of the homosexuals, much to the older Imperial and Royal members’ dismay. Her reason for her stance is her beloved cousin, Rupert Turlington. Though never verified, Stelaphina believed him to be a homosexual. She watched him attend events with male companions, introducing them, falsely, as Royals or Imperials in an attempt to have them accepted.

Her Scientia, Thomasine, provided her information on a vision. Thomasine had seen events that would unfold during Stelaphina’s reign. She would face many challenged that would tear her family apart and leave Stelaphina to oversee the realm alone, losing all of those who once supported her. The Scientia saw a child who would cause her great pain, a war upon the shores of Hulsteria, and smoke and fire consuming the great kingdom of Jascaessau. This knowledge brought caution to Stelaphina’s rule, it also bred paranoia in the young Empress.

If I were to give a face to Stelaphina, I see her most resembling Kate Beckinsale but with blue eyes.