Map of Hulsteria

I am including the map of the Realm of Hulsteria. Hulsteria is made up of seven kingdoms; two island kingdoms and five on the mainland of the realm. Jascaessau (Jazz-say-sow) is the Imperial Capital of Hulsteria and home of Empress Stelaphina.

Uhl is the home of Dukes Malcolm D’Vay and Thomas Suffolk.

Roderick Brook’s home of Earlington is found in the southern kingdom of Moorland.

The Lester’s call the capital of Augustus in Raasmfeld¬†come. Moffat the small city north of Augustus is Harris Morrison’s home. Kenmore in the north is where Rupert Turlington was born and lived before being given the Archduchy of Carlisle on Jascasseau. Colonstay in the south is home to Courtney Roberts.

Daniella Gallagher hails from Rowan on the eastern shores of the island kingdom of Norland. The Tribe Killmire call the forests and mountains south of Kanieri home.

Savien lies to the east of Jascaessau. Trokha is located to the southwest of Norland. Xasha is to the south of Moorland. The maps for these realms will be posted shortly.