Hulsteria Series

This page is dedicated to the books of the Hulsteria series. The series revolves around Stelaphina (Stela). It focuses mostly on the trials and tribulations that she faces as she takes the Imperial throne of Hulsteria. Each book will have an individual subpage.

Currently, four books are planned for the series, ‘Making of an Empress’, ‘Making of a Warrior’, ‘Making of a Magister’, and ‘Making of a God’. The first two books, ‘Making of an Empress’ and ‘Making of a Warrior’ are currently available through Amazon (Kindle and paperback). The last two books are currently only idea’s in my head, but I know the direction both will take. The first three books will focus mainly on Stela, while the fourth book in the series will focus more on one particular character. The mystery of this character’s ties to Stela and Hulsteria will be explained and the character’s backstory revealed.

A spinoff series is planned which would continue about 25 years after book four of the original series. Currently, it is only an idea in my head but I have begun to elude to the next series in book three, ‘Making of a Magister’.

As the books are released or even while in development, I will add details about the book and characters to the individual book pages.

Feel free to email me with any questions, comments or concerns email information on the Contact page.